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Takara-Tomy have announced a pair of Arms Micron campaigns to celebrate the launch of the Transformers Go! Samurai team. There are three clear Arms Microns paired with each of the three Autobots – a clear A.R.C. paired with Kenzan, a translucent yellow S.2. paired with Jinbu and a translucent red S.W. paired with Ganou. These are included free with a purchase of the corresponding Autobot at certain stores including Toys R Us Japan, Amazon Japan, and Yodobashi Camera.

The second figure campaign is a translucent blue version of the Optimus Prime Blaster Arms Micron, which is available by obtaining a ticket from TV-Boy magazine.

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  1. BraveMax's Avatar BraveMax says

    Originally Posted by PoweredConvoy View Post

    ƒVƒƒƒCƒjƒ“ƒOƒIƒvƒeƒBƒ}ƒXƒvƒ‰ƒCƒ€ƒuƒ‰ƒXƒ^[ ƒvƒŒƒ[ƒ“ƒgƒLƒƒƒ“ƒy[ƒ“bƒCƒxƒ“ƒgEƒLƒƒƒ“ƒy[ƒ“•bƒgƒ‰ƒ“ƒXƒtƒH[ƒ}[ƒIƒtƒBƒVƒƒƒ‹ƒTƒCƒgbƒ^ƒJƒ‰ƒgƒ~[

    Clear Arms Microns each correspond with one of the GO! combiners and come free with them at certain stores (including TRU, Amazon, and Yodobashi Camera).

    The clear Optimus Blaster is obtained by getting a ticket from TF-Kun (then mailing it out perhaps?).

    You get the ticket, then take it into a participating store and buy a TF Go! product. Then you get this micron.

    Also, I realize nobody's gonna fix this one the front page (probably) but the ticket will be available in both Terebi-Kun and Terebi Magazine.

  2. Nightrain's Avatar Nightrain says

    To be blunt, all these microns suck compared to the ones a decade ago. I really tried to like them but I just can't.

  3. Skywarp SCS's Avatar Skywarp SCS says

    I can't make the pic out properly on my phone, are the "trio" new molds?

  4. NemiMonkey's Avatar NemiMonkey says

    No they are just clear versions of Leo Primes, Swerves and Smokescreen's microns. Although none have gotten any sort of single release to date.

  5. PoweredConvoy's Avatar PoweredConvoy says

    Originally Posted by mrduce1018 View Post
    Do we have release dates on these Microns?
    The 3 clear ones are the same as the large figures they come with, 6/22.

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