Masterpiece Tigertrack MP-12T – In-Hand Photos


Hot on the trail of our last front page update on this figure, an eBay auction surfaced with in-hand photos of the upcoming Masterpiece MP-12T figure, Tigertrack! While this auction does not show any robot mode photos, it does allow us to get a closer look at the beautiful, yellow Lamborghini Countach alt mode. Tigertrack is a redeco of the Masterpiece MP-12 Lambor figure.

For those that may not know, this figure is a homage to not one, but two previous toys. The more obvious homage is to the mail-order Figure King exclusive Generation One Tigertrack that came out in early 2003. Also, this figure homages the Diaclone line, particularly the Diaclone New Yellow Countach LP500S figure (which is also obviously homaged by the 2003 G1 figure).

Several of our sponsors have pre-orders for this figure, and if the recent Masterpiece figures are any indication of availability, you may want to secure yours today!

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  1. Superquad7's Avatar Superquad7 says

    Flickr: lena81822's Photostream

    Also, the member says that she has some additional photos of Tigertrack. I've been through a few pages now, and I can't find 'em. If someone wants to try to go through them, and mirror the additional images here, I can give that person a News Credit as well.

  2. MST3KFan's Avatar MST3KFan says

    Seeing this just makes me wish for a Masterpiece Sunstreaker...

  3. Bass X0's Avatar Bass X0 says

    Looks great. Tigertrack is the best choice out of all the other Sideswipe repaints, as I knew he would be. And not because he kinda looks like Sunstreaker in vehicle mode, the yellow just looks very nice on the Lamborghini.

  4. Mr.Deflok's Avatar Mr.Deflok says

    Getting this purely for the possibility of never getting an MP Sunstreaker.

    Plus the mold is amazing so why not?

  5. Furyan's Avatar Furyan says

    Looks a little plain compared to the other lambos. PO still locked in though.

  6. SoundBlaster7's Avatar SoundBlaster7 says

    Robot mode pics please! I actually prefer this guy over Red Alert. Yellow looks great on this mold.

  7. Shark Jumper's Avatar Shark Jumper says

    I wish the character had stripes or something to not look like Sideswipe wearing his brother's colors, even if that was the original character's design.

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