Marcelo Matere to Attend Botcon 2013


Botcon has announced more additions to their Artists Alley, the largest ever at a Botcon! Joining the talent in Botcon 2013’s artist’s alley with this announcement is the one and only Marcelo Matere! In addition to his work on Transformers comics for Dreamwave and IDW, he has done packaging artwork for many Transformers line since Transformers Armada and even contributed some toy designs including the whole Robot Heroes series.

Marcelo is joined in Artist’s Alley by Rob Roberts, aka Cheetimus of Cheet’s Tweaks and Clyde Grapa, production artist with WildStorm Productions/DC Comics.

Check out the full lineup of talent who will be in Artist’s Alley at the Botcon homepage and stay tuned for more special guest announcements next week! If you have not yet pre-registered for Botcon yet there is still time – visit to find out more!

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  1. MACRAPTRON has no avatar! MACRAPTRON says

    I'll try to put my name on that list next year. Do they take retired, crappy artists?

  2. Autobot City Comics 2008's Avatar Autobot City Comics 2008 says

    I have to ask this you will have 20 plus artist with at least one table per artist now I don't know how big the dealer room is mind you. will there be just as many dealers?

  3. UNICRON-WMD's Avatar UNICRON-WMD says

    I met Marcelo Matere about 10 years ago with a bunch of other fellow artist at Botcon. What a great guy. Bought some of his prints and bought a few originals done by Macraptron.

    Hey Macraptron, I cut up my 88mph Genesis book and framed and mated some of your art and fellow artists for my theater. I still love your Cyclonus and unfinished Magnus. I still aspire to be as good as you man.

    Marcelo Matere Botcon 2013 Artists' Alley - Over 20 Artists appearing!-theatertfsart.jpg

  4. cromagnus's Avatar cromagnus says

    Marcelo Matere 's packaging work is phenomenal. Everything he touches is gold from kids books to comics and toys. He just keeps getting better.
    Please give macraptron more air time. Every piece he does is a stunner.
    @WMD Unicron that framed piece looks fantastic!

  5. Black0ut55's Avatar Black0ut55 says

    Livio Ramondelli is awesome! I bought some art from him at Comikaze :3

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