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Alfes2000 of the Higekuma Toy Blog has posted some in-hand images of the recently released Takara-Tomy Generations Blaster. This incarnation of Blaster is a Japanese release of Fall of Cybertron Blaster with Steeljaw. Blaster sports silver on his legs which in vehicle mode links up with the silver on the arms and a deeper red. Steeljaw features a darker yellow and both have additional paint details over their US releases. Check out the gallery at the link above.

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  1. Sol Fury's Avatar Sol Fury says

    It's a "gritting my teeth determined to beat Grimlock for leadership of the Autobots" look. Personally I like it. More expressive than all the blank stoic faces we get. Gives him a bit of personality.

  2. Maverick Hunter Christian's Avatar Maverick Hunter Christian says

    Was able to grab one of these through Amiami, very glad to have him on the way. I find myself quite taken with the richer red, black wheels, and silver legs of the TT version over the slightly orange tinged, beige wheels and legs of the Hasbro version.

    Now I just need the ArkTek rifle to be released and I'll be golden!

  3. chuckcjc's Avatar chuckcjc says

    The grey that Takara used looks much better.

    The grimace sucks so much !!

  4. The 12th Prime has no avatar! The 12th Prime says

    I like this mold and it's size so much for Blaster I might double dip and get the Takara version too. One for FOC shelf and one for the Classics shelf vs the Device Label USB Hub Blaster. I saw the Hasbro one in person and I was still convinced enough to buy that one on the spot. I have the Takara Soundblaster and it left me wishing it was more black than brown but it beats having that ugly yellow on it, though the Buzzsaw looks amazing.

  5. rosewater's Avatar rosewater says

    I like Hasbro's a little better, aside from the white Autobot symbol. I feel like the gray on his back doesn't monkey with his head to shoulders silhouette the way Takara's red back piece does. And the gray wheels on the legs make Hasbro's legs look a bit more cohesive.

  6. KenjaminLinus's Avatar KenjaminLinus says

    Definitely looks much better than the Hasbro one, but Device Label is still king.

  7. Vexwing's Avatar Vexwing says

    Not being able to find the Hasbro version at retail made the decision to go with TT a little easier. Overall it looks quite a bit better, just not three-times-as-much better. Though I wish they hadn't painted over his lightpiped eyes.

    *Edit* Nevermind, there's a pic on Alfe's blog that shows the lightpiping still works. Yay, still wish I could get this for less than $60 though.

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