Mach 5 Piston Unofficial Crankcase


Third party group Mach 5 is not hanging around announcing new projects – after yesterday’s full reveal of their unlicensed take on Last Stand of the Wreckers Ironfist, today they have announced the remold of their Gauntlet. Sporting a new head and cannon mount (along with two guns), Mach 5’s second release is the M5-02 Piston aka an unofficial Generation 1 Crankcase. CGI renders of both modes have been posted on the group’s Facebook page by way of an announcement.

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  1. GAUGE's Avatar GAUGE says


    as long as it has a new head mold I don't see any issues happening here.

    I love the new handguns. I can see folks easily using them with other TFs too.

    though they should make the handles a bit shorter so they aren't touching the roof.
    It may cause potential rubbing issues or even make indentations over time.

  2. Vexwing's Avatar Vexwing says

    The robot mode isn't going to be a great match for G1 Crankcase if that's indeed what they were going for, I might have gone this route instead:


    Unreleased G2 colors:

    But that mold always had a Marvel-styled Crankcase head, so either it's a cool coincidence or they're intentionally trying to solidify Crankcase's connection to the cancelled G2 release.

    They certainly have ambition for a new 3P group.

  3. UTF's Avatar UTF says

    I feel like the sloped part behind the silver hexagon should all be windshield.

  4. Scaleface has no avatar! Scaleface says

    It makes sense to design two versions of the toy at the same time. Hasbro learned that too.

  5. backlash3906's Avatar backlash3906 says


    Oh this is going right into my Scavengers display. Now I just need an update on Krok and Gatoraider.

  6. Vexwing's Avatar Vexwing says

    I know, I posted it. But this is a different release, does it not qualify for a new thread?

  7. BScorpinok75's Avatar BScorpinok75 says

    Pretty cool re-deco, no interest unless they have plans for more triggermasters.

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