Featured Ebay Auctions – Constructicons and Devastator


Devastator is one of the most knocked off, customized, remade characters there is for the Transformers mythos. But, the figure has had a bunch of fantastic official releases. From the original G1 Constructicons Giftset to the G2 Reissues, to the Micro Combiners, or Revenge of the Fallen and even Classics. Check out some of the assorted toys to come as Constructicons below.

Transformers G1 Constructicons Devastator 100 Complete Vintage Hasbro 1985 | eBay
Hard Hero 2003 Transformers G1 Constructicon “Devastator” Bust Statue New Hasbro | eBay
Transformers Universe Constructicons Devastator Bonecrusher Scavenger Long Haul | eBay
Japanese Transformers Original G1 37 Devastator Constructicon Giftset | eBay
Transformers ROTF Legends Constructicon Devastator ToysRUs Tru Exclusive G1 | eBay
Transformers 1992 G2 “Constructicons Devastator” Yellow Variant New SEALED | eBay
1990 Devastator Action Masters SEALED MOSC MISB G1 Transformers | eBay
Steamhammer w Constructicons Power Core Combiners Transformers MISB | eBay
Transformers Revenge of The Fallen Legend Class Devastator MISB | eBay
Transformers Kre O Devastator Destruction Site 36951 6 in 1 Constructicons MISB | eBay
Transformers Micromasters Constructicons Devastator Unopened Figures | eBay
Transformers Universe Devastator MISB New Classics RID Devastator Combiner Set | eBay
Transformers ROTF EZ Legends Devastator 1 7 Plus Rampage Scavenger Exclusives | eBay
Takara Transformers Constructicon Devastator 20A Encore Ed Animecolor New SEALED | eBay