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Ken Christiansen, who did a series of art pieces for Hasbro when Hasbro were concepting the look of Transformers Prime and the Aligned Continuity, has posted up concepts of an Optimus Prime design he worked on. As he explains in his post on The Bad Flip Blog, sometimes he was only commissioned to design one mode for the characters, in this case, he was only asked to do concepts for the Optimus Prime truck mode. As you can see, there are a lot of similarities with the design that was ultimately used for Transformers Prime – although this version looks a little beefier with a slightly deeper cab and elongated roof as a result.

Check out the concept at the link above. Ken Christiansen will be attending Botcon 2013 as a guest in their Artist’s Alley – if you are attending Botcon be sure to say hello to him and thank him for sharing all this cool concept work with us.

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  1. HeroicC300's Avatar HeroicC300 says

    Since I've pounced on all the other prelim designs he's done, why not one more?

    The Bad Flip Blog: Optimus Prime - Truck Mode

    Props dude, hopefully you can share more in the coming weeks leading up to BotCon. Especially the ones you told were "as-of-yet unrealized in-show". Sounds mysterious, sounds cool.

    This also strikes me as a better truck than what finally arrived; looks stylized without looking unrealistic. Also, can someone photoshop this with Sideswipe, Jazz and Ironhide?

  2. Formshifters's Avatar Formshifters says

    It looks cooler than what we got in either Prime or the movie ;-;

  3. UltraMagnus3786's Avatar UltraMagnus3786 says

    Not only is that more reminiscent of the original G1 truck design, but it also pays homage to the classics Prime which, IIRC, came out way before the movies.

  4. SPLIT LIP's Avatar SPLIT LIP says

    That looks ten times better than Prime Optimus' alt mode. The colour scheme is still bland, but the truck looks a hell of a lot more punchy and tough.

    Originally Posted by Formshifters View Post
    It looks cooler than what we got in either Prime or the movie ;-;
    Prime? Sure. Movie? Hell no. For one, the movie is a real truck, and a gorgeous one at that.

  5. Digilaut's Avatar Digilaut says

    I don't see anything wrong with Prime's final truck model, I actually like it better than this one. Looks a bit too stubby to me (but it's still helluva awesome, don't get me wrong here).

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