Generations Deluxe Dreadwing Test Shot Images


By way of the Allspark’s Facebook page, we can bring you the first images confirming that a toy of a Generations Deluxe Class Dreadwing is in the works. A reuse of the IDW stealth bomber Megatron mold with a new head, this Dreadwing has been spotted in IDW’s Robots in Disguise in scenes showing a crowd of the Decepticons, and he plays a role in the upcoming Robots in Disguise issue #17. The design is a homage to the Generation 2 Dreadwing ATB, who also transformed into a flying wing.

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  1. slugslinger2004's Avatar slugslinger2004 says

    I like this mold as Megatron, so not sure if I'm going to buy it. It definitely looks good though

  2. ZacWilliam's Avatar ZacWilliam says

    I like that they're bringing back at least guys from across the history of the franchise. G2 and we know of at least 2 BW influenced figures coming. Can't wait to see what else is in the works.

    -ZacWilliam, now if the coming Legends Starscream could dock in this guys back THAT would be amazing.

  3. Robogeek28's Avatar Robogeek28 says

    I still say this mold should've been Voyager scale.

    At that size I would've bought this guy in a heartbeat, ah well.

  4. General Magnus's Avatar General Magnus says

    I will buy all IDW comic releases, so yeah, this will be mine.

  5. soundwaverulls's Avatar soundwaverulls says

    Never seen him in fiction, never had the original toy, I prefer his movie and Prime incarnations and if he's blue, I'm definitely going to like the Megatron version of this mold better. So a very easy pass.

  6. motorthing's Avatar motorthing says

    Ok. Probably buy one but nothing to get too excited over by the look of it. Another bomber who could have done with being a lot bigger.

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