Generation 1 Soundwave Cassettes Shirt at RIPT

sounds-of-the-80s-vol1-soundwave-tapes is now featuring a new Generation 1 t-shirt of the Soundwave Cassettes! Sounds of the 80’s is currently up for sale with just a little over 12 hours left to purchase.

Check out the new G1 Cassettes Shirt after the jump.

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  1. Reflector Prime's Avatar Reflector Prime says

    Originally Posted by AngryChad View Post
    Now that's a new word!

  2. AngryChad's Avatar AngryChad says

    Originally Posted by Reflector Prime View Post
    Now that's a new word!
    Trademarked. Attempt to use it and I will sue the living $%!# out of you!

  3. soymonk's Avatar soymonk says

    Ordered it this morning.

    Make sure to use this coupon code to save a dollar: skpodcast

  4. Scaleface has no avatar! Scaleface says

    Those look like stereo cassette tapes, with the holes, and screws in the corners and prorpotions, not microcassettes, buy they say MC60 and "microcassette" Nerd fail!

    BTW - Sizes only go up to 3x? Have they seen a room full of Transformers nerds?

  5. Batman's Avatar Batman says

    Too bad you can barely see the white writing on the light gray shirt. It also sucks that the cassettes are standard cassettes even though they are clearly labelled as micro cassettes. As much as I like the concept, the final product falls short IMO.

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