Generations Sandstorm Revealed


Earlier this evening, the Transformers Facebook page updated with new official photos of the new upcoming Transformers Generations Sandstorm figure. This figure is a heavily retooled version of the Springer mold. A new head, grill and weapon are shown as well as two new larger rear tires for dune buddy mode that will double as VTOL engines in helicopter mode (originally shown at Toyfair on Metroplex’s package).

2005 Board member Wheelwave140 was kind enough to grab these pictures before the Transformers Facebook page removed them. Unfortunately, it appears they grabbed them before a pic of the helicopter mode could be shown. For now, click the title bar and enjoy the robot and dune buggy mode!

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  1. WheelWave140's Avatar WheelWave140 says

    Okay... So, dunno if this is fair game since it was up at the Transformers facebook page but then they took it down, I managed to snag the pics, so here they are.

  2. Bountyan's Avatar Bountyan says

    I love how extensively they retooled this. Almost looks like a different toy in alt mode. Cool.

    No helicopter mode pics?

  3. rattraprules98's Avatar rattraprules98 says

    That's crazy looking. Not entirely sure how I feel, but I think I might like it.

  4. CryoPrime's Avatar CryoPrime says

    Totally sweet, I kinda' wish he had a faceplate like his G1 toy though. I dig the faceplated look on him.

  5. Shockwave9227's Avatar Shockwave9227 says

    I'd have preferred the IDW LSotW head but the head used ain't too bad. I love the amount of remolding and retooling that went into this figure!

  6. SPLIT LIP's Avatar SPLIT LIP says

    Jesus, it's almost completely new. So bought. Great job Hasbro.

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