Generations Legends Wave 4 Megatron and Starscream Official Images


The official Transformers Facebook page has updated with official images revealing the fourth assortment of Transformers Generations Legends. Legends Wave 4 is the Decepticon assortment, and will feature Megatron with Chop Shop and Starscream with Waspinator!

As is the style with the Generations 30th Anniversary toys, these are based on the IDW comics designs, with Megatron sporting his “Megatron Origin / Chaos Theory” Cybertronian design and a tank alternate mode. Starscream meanwhile features the modernized Generation 1 style design originally featured in the artwork of E.J. Su in the Transformers: Infiltration miniseries.

Check out the images of the new two-packs and see what you think of them.

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  1. j.a.f.o.'s Avatar j.a.f.o. says

    Those Targetmasters look kinda ridiculous.

    Starscream looks great. Megatron would be as well if he weren't Megatron.

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