ToyWorld Prototype Images of TW-H02 Brainstorm, TW-T03 Throttlebot #3 and TW-02 IDW Optimus Prime


ToyWorld have updated their website with images of prototypes of not one, not two but three new upcoming releases. First up is their TW-H02 “Brainstorm” Headmaster, a follow-on to their Hardbone. Next is TW-02, the partner piece to their first release Hegemon, based on IDW’s version of Optimus Prime. Lastly images of TW-T03 have been posted. That one is thought to be an unofficial version of the red Throttlebot, Chase.

Check out the images on ToyWorld’s homepage.

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  1. Scaleface has no avatar! Scaleface says

    Oh Yeah! Thought they faded away or something... Good news.

    EDIT - Looks like that's actually Chase, as that model car comes in red:

    ToyWorld new produ. 3 May 2013-chase.jpg

    ToyWorld new produ. 3 May 2013-lamborghini-urus-suv-01.jpg

    Optimus Prime is the walking embodyment of IDW Optimus.

    Toyworld not-Brainstorm beats the stuffing out of Smart Robin!

  2. Bobafett2000 has no avatar! Bobafett2000 says

    Whoa! Where did all this 3rd party goodness come from? Prime and Brainstorm both look great.

  3. Felixman's Avatar Felixman says

    Brainstorm looks a little... fluffy? Overinflated? Soft?... compared to Optimus and what I assume is the next Throttlebot (Freeway, from pictures? I don't know my Throttlebots well). I'll pass on him but am quite interested in the other two.

  4. Grimlock_13's Avatar Grimlock_13 says

    I don't really need that Optimus, but Brainstorm with a faceplate? I may need to cancel my preorder for Smart Robin. And that new Throttlebot (looks like Chase?) looks awesome! I love both modes!

  5. iphdtd's Avatar iphdtd says

    Wow, nice update.
    • The next Throttlebot.
    Been on the fence about the first 2 for the past few weeks, have yet to pull the trigger. The fact that they are definitely continuing the line may be the deciding factor though.

    • an Optimus to go with Hegemon
    Not bad but I sold my Hegemon a while ago so I'll probably pass unless he turns out to be really good
    • The next Headmaster, Brainstorm
    If I didn't already have Smart Robin preordered, I may be interested. FP's attempt looks nicer IMO

  6. Zavien's Avatar Zavien says

    Is that a throttlebot, a prime, and the same headmaster jet FP is releasing but Toyworld version?

  7. TheBigMachine's Avatar TheBigMachine says

    Optimus is bit of a low rider, isn't he? I hope they pace these releases. I still need to save up for Hardbone (that name!) and Aurora.

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