Takara-Tomy Transformers Display at Daiomochahaku 2013


By way of Autobase Aichi we have a nice selection of images to share with you from Japanese toy show Daiomochahaku (lit. Large Toy Expo), being held this weekend at the Shinagawa Prince Hotel in Japan. The display that Takara-Tomy is laying on is so far light on upcoming releases, focusing instead on a diorama of the recently released Transformers Go! toys and a display of the sucessive versions of Convoy / Optimus Prime. There is also a Transformers GT display with the final versions of GT Prime and GT Saber on show.

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  1. Sprocket has no avatar! Sprocket says

    I get no small sense of amusement that among all the Japanese toys in that leader display, we have not only a US Energon Optimus Prime toy, but the first-run version with the mouth.

  2. Brave Magnus's Avatar Brave Magnus says

    Dudes, I know I shouldnt say this but I am more excited for the Racing Queen figures than the GT-bots. XD Seriously, I need those! They are so beautiful and articulated! T////T

  3. Sol Fury's Avatar Sol Fury says

    They're Microman figure bases - if you're interested in those you should check out some of the other Microman stuff that's been released, there's some really cool stuff out there.

  4. Sovietbot's Avatar Sovietbot says

    I would would buy there if possible, all necessary molds from United! )

    And G1 Star Saber too!

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