Transformers the Ride – Opening 20 June at Universal Studios Orlando


Word reaches us via a report on 13 News that the opening date of Transformers the Ride at Universal Studios Orlando has been fixed as 20 June 2013. There’s been a slow and steady build up to this event already, with the opening of the ride’s store the “NEST Supply Vault”, Transformers walkaround characters at the park and most recently a giant decal of a Transformer smashing through a building (pictured). Mark the day in your diaries if you are a fan in the Orlando area wanting to transform your experience of theme park rides!

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  1. MV95's Avatar MV95 says

    Originally Posted by jamspeed View Post
    I just saw this and thought, maybe I'll get a news credit, lol. It's a cool building wrap, but the article calls the image Optimus Prime when it should read Megatron.
    Lol sorry I've been in a dry spell lately. Been trying to get that 20th news credit for a while.

  2. AutobotMaster44's Avatar AutobotMaster44 says

    Dude! I so want to get on this ride for my birthday! That would be the best birthday present ever!

  3. redguyver's Avatar redguyver says

    i will miss it by a few weeks, i going out at the beginning of the month :/ oh well, i got a pass for universal out here in Cali, if it is the same ride, i wont mind...If it ends up being different im gonna be mad lol

  4. Hippie Trooper's Avatar Hippie Trooper says

    I was just at Universal Studios today, the Transformers Ride is really ramping up! They've got merchandise EVERYWHERE (both parks), as well as NEST guys that can be spotted in just about every gift shop of the 'Studios' park. The character photos next to the new building are attracting LOTS of people making for some long lines, and the TF Gift Shop looks AMAZING!!! They've got some really cool props from the movies, and to help sell toys they have quite a few of them open at the counters for the kids to play with. The attendants know their stuff, two of them spent about 15 minutes playing with my kids at the counter while two others, after my kids mentioned my 'Optimus' shelf, pretty much interviewed me about my collection LOL! But I could tell they were fans!
    I really enjoyed myself today, I cant wait to go back soon to check out this ride!


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