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Hisashi Yuki has taken a break from his daily teasing of the Transformers fans everywhere with pictures of Generations Metroplex to show us a robot mode picture of Metroplex’s little partner robot. Generations Metroplex will come with an updated Scamper, the black car robot who came with the original Metroplex. This Scamper stands roughly the same height as Generation 1 Scamper, but features modern levels of design and articulation. Check out the image from the TFYuki Twitter feed!

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  1. Karhukjnsi's Avatar Karhukjnsi says

    I know it's only a small deal, but this makes me want 'plex even more.

  2. j.a.f.o.'s Avatar j.a.f.o. says

    Hollow legs = fail.

    Just kidding. I'll buy Metroplex JUST for him.

  3. Ravenxl7's Avatar Ravenxl7 says

    That's...actually kinda cool. Doubtful, but it would be interesting to see it released on it's own.

  4. MrSoundmeister's Avatar MrSoundmeister says

    "Oh,hey i just came from the future to check on my past self is doing... yup,im still standing there,phew. good thing i have this new body now. i can actually move my legs now!"

  5. Deadsled's Avatar Deadsled says

    with the major upscaling of Metroplex, I'm surprised that Scamper is still the same size! (as he should be imo)

  6. giga-galvatron's Avatar giga-galvatron says

    I going to assume some 3P guys will make Slammer and Six Gun. I wonder if the G1 dudes can integrate into the new metroplex. Ill have two scampers

  7. sh002 has no avatar! sh002 says

    Awesome. So no Six Gun or Slammer? I guess third parties can jump on those two. Unless maybe the SDCC version will come with them.

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