Generations 30th Anniversary Bumblebee Mold Test Images


Via this eBay auction we have a look at the Generations Deluxe Bumblebee toy, being released as a part of the 30th anniversary sub-series and based on his appearance in the Mike Costa ongoing series. What you see here is a mold-test prototype – a pre-production figure in whatever plastic colors were available at the time to test the mold, the fit of parts, and so forth. While no indication of the final toy, it does give a bit of an idea of what the final toy is going to be like, with a glimpse of how certain parts of the transformation will function.

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  1. Ra88's Avatar Ra88 says

    Mold looks better here than in any other pic, though it's still not really my thing.

  2. Cheebs has no avatar! Cheebs says

    Cool, but the fake chest and simple transformation are disappointing.

  3. ZacWilliam's Avatar ZacWilliam says

    I think he looks great in both modes. Sadly, I don't think I need another Bumblebee. The Classics one does it for me fine.

    -ZacWilliam, wondering if there's a good repurposing for him...l

  4. rosewater's Avatar rosewater says

    Looks cool, but I figured at this point they'd have figured out a way to not have the entire roof and hood of the car hanging off the back in bot mode.

  5. MechaV's Avatar MechaV says

    I like.

    Really hoping this bad boy gets retooled into Hot Rod somewhere down the line.

  6. Thundershot's Avatar Thundershot says

    Now let's see him with a new head and in this kind of color scheme as Cybertron Hot Shot.

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