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Maketoys have announced their next major project, following on from the popular Giant and the perennially delayed Chaos Paladin. Next up from them is an unnofficial and unlicensed reinterpretation of Computron, that takes a few liberties with the designs of the team members, especially Strafe. Revealed so far are Quantron itself (Computron), Blindfire (Strafe), Celeritas (Lightspeed) and Metalstorm (Scattershot).

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  1. OptionZero's Avatar OptionZero says



    Thank you for showing the torso bot! It's like MT and FP are not the same!!! I believe with Giant, they actually showed a wire outline of gestalt mode BEFORE any of the individual bots. hell, I think we got a gray prototype of the whole bot before any of the individual guys. Perhaps with Devastator, with six unique molds, they wanted to keep each member as secret as possible until release. Here, they've shown us a torso and and arm

    On the other hand, the right arm looks ALOT like Explorer, down to the downward folded wings on the right forearm. Arm limbs also look to use the individual limbs' knee and waist joints as the gestalt elbow, just like FP Colossus and Intimidator

    Really, they need to release Paladin/Chaos. Now.

  2. Bountyan's Avatar Bountyan says

    They also posted new pictures of the Omega Supreme upgrade kit. I posted images in its respective thread.

  3. OptionZero's Avatar OptionZero says

    Who would have thought we'd see MT Scattorshot's bot mode before FP Motormaster's?


  4. JetBrawn's Avatar JetBrawn says

    Originally Posted by Bountyan View Post
    My wallet isn't ready

    My wallet isn't readdddyyyyyy
    although MakeToys may pull some surprise, I'd guess that the release is a good year away, at least.

    Since we haven't heard anything at all about this figure, and these pics seem like early conceptual art.

    Again, unless they've been hard at work behind the scenes... but even if that, the factories are soooo behind with all of the 3rd party products with everything being pushed back

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