Transformers Go! First Images of Combiner Figures, Gaidorah


Site sponsor Robot Kingdom has updated their preorder listings for the Transformers GO! combiner figures. Original listings of these figures had fans perplexed on what they might be or how they might combine. Robot Kingdom has been kind enough to shed some light on the future releases. Shown here are G-01 Kanzen (The police Car), G-03 Ganoh (fire truck) and G-02 Jinbu (Jet). The three figures can combine by one robot becoming the legs, the second a torso and the third bot becomes the head, shoulders and arms. One might compare it to Robots In Disguise Rail Racer with Transformers Energon’s swapability. Others will definitely see the designs as a homage to Brave as well.

Also revealed is G-04 Gaidorah, a Transformers Go! redeco of Beast Hunters Lazerback.

Click on the title bar to check out the images of the figures.

Update – TFSource has sent us updated, clearer images of the four releases, showing a clearer look at the Kenzan, Jinbu and Ganou, and Gaidorah, revealing he has a new head not seen on Lazerback.

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  1. General Tekno's Avatar General Tekno says

    Originally Posted by Dinodigger97 View Post
    Are these guys Decepticons or Autobots?
    I think this one's an Autobot combiner, IIRC.

    REALLY neat, IMO.

  2. Tarngold's Avatar Tarngold says


    Takara must have found the stash of good drugs the Brave artists were taking.

    These are a must have!

  3. Primal Sabbath's Avatar Primal Sabbath says

    So are these supposed to be deluxe sized, or are they Cyberverse sized?

  4. WhiteMocha's Avatar WhiteMocha says

    Hm. Was looking forward to seeing these, but from these fuzzy pics they look a little underwhelming. A bit too Brave for me, I think; my tastes tend to run in the other direction. In bot mode they almost look like... and I feel sort of bad even saying this, and hope to be proven resoundingly wrong... Roadbots.

    But I'll wait for better pics to make a final call. The vehicle modes look nice. I'm pretty firmly of the opinion that you can never have too many Transformers emergency vehicles.

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