Stanley Tucci Joins Transformers 4


More Transformers 4 News from CinemaCon 2013 and more to come it seems.

Michael Bay has announced that Stanley Tucci has joined the cast of Transformers 4 and he’ll also be announcing another cast member name as well.

Mr. Tucci is an Emmy Award winning actor and you may know of him recently as the Scientist Abraham Erskine who “created” Captain America on the movie Captain America: The 1st Avenger.

While we warmly welcome a great actor like Stanley Tucci to our Transformers Family we are also eagerly awaiting the surprise announcement from Mr. Bay. It is said that the next cast announcement is another young cast member who will join Mark Wahlberg, Jack Reynor and Nicola Peltz.

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  1. dinobot1 has no avatar! dinobot1 says

    I would like this to be good news, but his role will probably be an extended cameo.

  2. eagc7's Avatar eagc7 says

    Abraham Erskine in movie with another heroic character with Red and Blue color scheme

  3. fallen_revenge's Avatar fallen_revenge says

    Hmmmm. Never heard of him, but by the looks of it you guys like him! And I wonder who the next young actor will be!

  4. jru42287's Avatar jru42287 says

    Oh man, that's good news. I hope he's not wasted like Malkovich and McDormand were. Both amazing actors, and Bay made me hate both of their characters.

  5. SurlyJ's Avatar SurlyJ says

    Transformers 4 just got a WHOLE lot creepier. Tucci rules but I can never see hi.
    M again without thinking of "Lovely Bones"

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