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By way of Collecticon, we have our first look at Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Megatron. Beast Hunters Megatron as perhaps we had anticipated is a remolded version of the previous Voyager toy, with a new weapon and extensive remolding for his “Hunter” armor. These images are of a mold-test prototype, which helpfully means we get a good look at what has been changed from the base figure. New / remolded parts include:

  • New remolded head, more menacing face.
  • New shoulders, spikier and more detailed.
  • New forearms, with fins at the wrists. The fins regrettably mean that the new gun needs an overlong handle to attach to the arm.
  • New lower legs / wings.
  • The clear purple section, which mounted the fusion cannon in vehicle mode on the first version of the mold, is enlarged and fills out the back more and we assume by extension also hides the arms in vehicle mode more.
  • New chest, which bears a slight passing resemblance to the beast mode head of Generation 1 Seacon Skalor.
  • The overall toy seems to have a fish theme going on with all the fins. The new weapon also keeps the fish theme going, and from what we can gather from the photos, the new gun appears to have a few sliding / folding parts as though it might actually transform into a sword.

If previous reports are correct, Megatron here will be the lone new toy in Beast Hunters Voyager Wave 4. Check out the pictures of him for an advance look at the latest incarnation of the leader of the Decepticons.

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  1. AngryChad's Avatar AngryChad says

    I know those aren't the final colors, but it kind of works. Crazy molds need crazy colors. As with all things Beat Hunters though, this is an easy pass for me.

  2. SPLIT LIP's Avatar SPLIT LIP says

    I mean, for what it is, it looks cool I guess. The retooled bits are nice and the motif looks like it would transition to vehicle. The gun is what the hell, but if it was handheld I bet it'd look better. It's too chunky as an arm cannon, but as a GOW style rifle/machine gun it works. Albeit fishy. Looks like maybe it folds into a sword. Just hope it locks. If the final colours are good and the shoulderpads can sit better than the original voyager I may be interested.

    Head looks nice. Movie movie-like which is an improvement over his old one.

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