Rescue Bots Energize Boulder and Blades Released


2005 Boards member bkosel dropped by to let us know that the next assortment of Transformers Rescue Bots has been released at US retail. Rescue Bots Energize Wave 2 features Boulder and Blades. They were sighted at a Target in Minnesota.

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  1. bkosel has no avatar! bkosel says

    For those into the Rescue Bots Energize series, I wanted to let you know that Hasboro/Playskol has now released the latest 2 characters; Boulder and Blades.

    It's possible these characters have been available, but I haven't seen them anywhere in retail stores (MN). Just this week I saw them in Target...attached is an image of the characters. They retailed for $11.99/each.


  2. Hoptimus's Avatar Hoptimus says

    Hmm, I also saw these at the Rosemont IL Target last night, wasn't sure if it was newsworthy. No pics, sorry.

  3. Snake_eyes1975's Avatar Snake_eyes1975 says

    when we see these in the store my son says he likes the ones without the blue on them..I have to agree...the 1st blades looks way better than that one too

  4. buddhaquest5's Avatar buddhaquest5 says

    Would it kill them to make a MorBot? The world needs MorBots.

  5. reave's Avatar reave says

    Thank god. My kid needs these and the aftermarket prices on the original figures is freaking stupid.

  6. Superwheeljack has no avatar! Superwheeljack says

    Why can't they just make a rb wheeljack, magnus, or someone else, rather than remolds?

  7. Gatchaman's Avatar Gatchaman says

    Maybe this means the 2 packs with boulder / Dr Moroco/ blades / doc green will be out soon.

  8. Autovolt 127's Avatar Autovolt 127 says

    Why doesn't Blades have any pupils like he does in the show?

  9. Fallout's Avatar Fallout says

    aw, i see these a few days ago at k-mart. i thought they were already out.

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