Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Teaser Image


The official Transformers Facebook page has updated with a teaser image for tomorrow nights exciting premier of Transformers Prime Beast Hunters, the third and final season! What unfortunate computer is Soundwave hacking into and what are Megatron and Starscream hoping he finds? All will be revealed tomorrow. So make sure to tune into the Hub tomorrow night at 7:30pm PST to watch the season premier of Transformers Prime Beast Hunters!

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  1. Slipstreamer 8's Avatar Slipstreamer 8 says

    WOW Can't wait for tommorow, set your clocks everyone!!!!

  2. soundwaverulls's Avatar soundwaverulls says

    Oh great, spoil the one frame of Soundwave doing something. I was really looking forwards to viewing that frame in the actual show.

  3. Attobot2006's Avatar Attobot2006 says

    too bad I can't get excited since I watched the leaked singaporean release footage already. but at least the audio and video will match up and not be sucky quality with wind blowing and people talking in the background. YAY!

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