Transformers Go Toy Decos Revealed in Japanese Hobby Magazine Scans


By way of a Japanese image board we have a look at the Transformers-related pages of one of the new Japanese hobby magazines. These scans give us our first look at some of the upcoming April release Transformers including our first-ever look at Takara-Tomy’s Beast Hunters, Transformers Go! The decos on Takara-Tomy’s toys are a departure from the US ones – from these scans we can see that:

  • Optimus Prime sports blue chest windows and a blue-bladed Star Saber, rather than the green on the US version.
  • Wheeljack, Starscream and Bulkhead, while keeping their armored looks and new accessories, feature more show-accurate paint jobs.
  • Soundwave looks very purple / royal blue, much darker than his usual coloration.
  • Shockwave sports black snap-on armor, rather than red
  • Predaking and Bumblebee seem largely unaltered from their US releases.
  • These toys do not come with Arms Microns and seem to be largely pure redecos of their US releases.

The Transformers Go! EZ Collection is also showcased. In addition to Smokescreen and Airachnid from the Beast Hunters Cyberverse the Reveal the Shield / Universe Legends Prowl, Optimus Prime, Starscream, Bumblebee, Hound and Megatron toys are being given a fresh release, some with more tweaks to their paint decos than others. Megatron is the stand out – he features a deco inspired by the unreleased Combat Hero Megatron redeco from Generation 2.

There is also some showcasing of the Generations Data Disks along with Masterpiece Prowl and Streak, but nothing that has not been seen previously.

Read on to check out our mirror of the images.

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  1. Weitat1988's Avatar Weitat1988 says

    omg so glad i didnt pull the triggers on BH figures yet
    looks like stickers is gone ? and the blue window optimus instant purchase , please let it have a faceplate !

  2. Starscream Gaga's Avatar Starscream Gaga says

    Ermahgod blue stur saber and windows!

    Looks pretty good and hopefully will stop all that whining about the green, not sure if I'll get this or the Hasbro version though.

  3. UltimusPrime has no avatar! UltimusPrime says

    The Japanese Versions of Optimus Prime , Starscream , Bulkhead , and Soundwave look more show accurate. Think I will be collecting the Takara line rather then the Hasbro one.

  4. Yaujta's Avatar Yaujta says

    This is probably the first time that a Takara release has left me disappointed in the Hasbro releases.
    Soundwave and Starscream look so much better with unified colors.
    I'm just happy Shockwave looks exactly the same, except for the beast armor.

  5. Scourge_151's Avatar Scourge_151 says

    So Takara have done nothing to Predaking and made all the other BH toys look more boring.


  6. Thundershot's Avatar Thundershot says

    Is that a new head on Optimus I spy??

    I already miss the Microns...

  7. Sumner Sturgeon's Avatar Sumner Sturgeon says

    Originally Posted by Scourge_151 View Post
    So Takara have done nothing to Predaking and made all the other BH toys look more boring.

    Pretty much. They don't look so much shinier as they look...well, dull, really. Not at all working for me.

  8. Digilaut's Avatar Digilaut says

    Oh wow, some very different my opinion for the better. Prime looks way cooler, and so does Soundwave. Hope they will release an accurately colored Smokescreen as well!

  9. Josh's Avatar Josh says

    blue star saber ashnemdldopajemfmkds

    [soundwave doesnt look too shabby either!]

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