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2005 Boards member prime roller has shared with us a selection of images from a Taiwanese Transformers catalog. Among the sections in the catalog is an extensive Bot Shots section. Lots of new and upcoming releases are shown here including lots of ones we have not seen before. The scans include:

  • Single packs releases including Twinstrike (Sinnertwin), Stormrazor, Skywarp (new mold), Inferno (Sentinel Prime redeco in yellow), Hound (Ironhide redeco in green) and an all-new Megatron!
  • A clearer look at the Warpath launcher set.
  • Confirmation of a Scourge launcher set, based on Transformers Cybertron’s Cryo Scourge deco.
  • New images of the Cliffjumper, Brawl & Dirt Boss (now renamed Breakdown?) and Bumblebee, Shockwave & Skyquake three packs.
  • More images of the three pack consisting of Kup (Spin shot Ironhide redeco), Scourge and Blitzwing (2012 Brawl redeco)
  • And to top it all off, a new three pack of Optimus Prime (Transformers Cybertron style), Cindersaur and a clear Super-Bot Jazz

Hit the discuss link to view all of prime roller’s scans, including more scans showing the catalog pages covering Beast Hunters, Rescue Bots, Generations and Kre-O.

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  1. prime roller's Avatar prime roller says

    [B]2nd catalog pics on Page 3
    3rd catalog pics on Page 3
    June 22 -NEW catalog pics on Page 4 -- AOE KRE-O

    Because I loved looking at the Sears catalog when I was a kid, I thought I'd share this catalog I picked up at Toys R Us today. I especially like these because they also have the Chinese (Taiwan version) names.

    Every time a new Transformers toy line hits the shelves here in Taiwan, it's accompanied by one of these cool little catalogs.

    This one's main feature is the Beast Hunters line. Also featured are some newer stuff from the Generations: Fall of Cybertron, Bot Shots, Rescue Bots, and Kre-O lines.

    Things of note:
    -The Beast Hunters artwork and write ups at the beginning.
    -Some new Bot Shots that I don't recall seeing before, like Optimus (jump), Megatron (spin), Stormrazor (jump), Skywarp (flip), Inferno [in yellow(?), maybe it's Energon Inferno V, aka Roadblock][wrong faction symbol], Hound [wrong faction symbol], the Warpath launcher, and the 3-pack with Cindersaur, Optimus, and clear Jazz.
    -The Rescue Bots toys with the clear blue plastic parts.
    -The cool Chinese names and power ratings throughout.

    Enjoy. Lots of pics.
    (mods: I left the pics big for reading the text, but if they are too big, or just too many, feel free to delete. I can also resize and repost the pics if that is preferred)

  2. prime roller's Avatar prime roller says

    The rest of the pics. The last one is the front and back cover.

  3. Shatterpoint's Avatar Shatterpoint says

    That Inferno Botshot might be the most confusing toy in TF history.

  4. RedAlert Rescue has no avatar! RedAlert Rescue says

    What a shame they didn't call the yellow Sentinel Pyro.

    Getting a good look at Skywarp and Megatron has me very curious for what a true Transformers of those would look like - in fact that's true of many of them.

    Oh and it's still quite fun to note that there's a Cybertron Prime Botshot - and has me wondering if one of the Megatron's is supposed to be Cybertron Megatron (which it slightly resembles).

    That Skywarp though is "sexy" flattened body with forward swept wings that would look really cool as a regular toy me thinks.

  5. RedAlert Rescue has no avatar! RedAlert Rescue says

    I've said this before but I also wish the Blue Brawl Repaint had been called Tankor and now they have made a "Superbot" version it's mysteriously Blitzwing... surely Blitzwing needs to be a plane ?

    I suspect that's Cybertron Scourge too. I do wish they'd had a few more new heads though as some don't really suit who they are supposed to be in my view with someone else's noggin on them.

    That Superbot Cliffjumper looks a bit muddled to me too. The ironic thing is that despite them having made far to many of the Ironhide Mould they still have not made a regular Botshot Red Ironhide or Yellow Ratchet (perhaps in Becool though?)

  6. Dolza_Khyron has no avatar! Dolza_Khyron says

    the battle mask is much less a battle mask, and more of optimus prime *or bumblebee* being oozed by the ninja turtles.

    is it hasbro's way, of warning us for things to come, with tmant?

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