Beast Hunters Cyberverse Shockwave and Starscream New Official Images


By way of K-Mart, we can share with you some nice, high-resolution images of Beast Hunters Cyberverse Commander Wave 3, which features Shockwave and Starscream. Starscream sports his armored Beast Hunters look, while Shockwave is screen accurate. Check out the official images of both attached to this story.

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  1. UltimusPrime has no avatar! UltimusPrime says

    Originally Posted by Noideaforaname View Post
    From K-Mart's site. Have we seen these before?

    Starscream kinda looks like an Aerialbot now.
    Nice find never saw those. Looking forward to Shockwave.

  2. Ravenxl7's Avatar Ravenxl7 says

    Shockwave still looks great, he'll be a must-have when he's released. Only change I would make, and this is REALLY minor, is that I would have had his title be Science Officer instead of Weapons Specialist...

    Starscream still looks...weird. I'm glad I got his pre-BH Commander figure.

  3. Ratchets Hatch's Avatar Ratchets Hatch says

    It looks like they were trying to give Starscream a more G1 look, with all that red and gold. Although his face looks like he fell in the mud. Shockwave, however, looks great.

    Originally Posted by Gilgamesh View Post
    I hope you can remove the invisible beast armor.

  4. Bass X0's Avatar Bass X0 says

    Shockwave looks like he has a tiny head, an oversized chest, flabby arms and flabby legs.

    So like some women I know.

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