Otto Graven Lands Hasbro’s Transformers As A Co-Title Sponsor


Moments ago, my fellow newsie and always awesome Superquad7 pointed to me that Otto Graven and his Drift Team; Ultimate 86 Motorsports has received co-title sponsorship by Hasbro‘s Transformers Brand and Rogue Status.

According to Wrecked Magazine

“In a huge deal, Otto Graven has announced a co-title sponsorship of his “Ultimate 86” as being split between longtime Scion partner Rogue Status and Hasbro’s “Transformers” brand. This is a great new brand coming to Formula D, one that I’m sure many fans have grown up admiring. Rogue Status is upping their sponsorship from a partner level to a co-title sponsorship as well. For a driver who wasn’t in the series last season, this is a HUGE announcement coming through in a season where many drivers are struggling to find sponsorship dollars. Will this help Otto earn his first FD Podium in 2013?”

This piece of news is rather interesting for one particular reason, and that reason is what we already know about Transformers 4. Yes, we have learned before, that one of the title roles of Transformers 4 is a Racing Car Driver played by Irish actor Jack Reynor.

What do you think of this new development. Don’t forget to leave a comment at the thread attached to this news post. Happy weekend everybody!

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  1. Hot Shot.'s Avatar Hot Shot. says

    Originally Posted by AutoCon2076 View Post
    So IDW's Drift may possibly be in TF4, eh? Interesting...
    Yup. Guns and all.

  2. SilverOptimus's Avatar SilverOptimus says

    This car has "Drift" written all over it. Bay, make it happen.

    Seriously, if Hasbro is sponsoring... surely this will be in Transformers 4.

  3. Soundwave2's Avatar Soundwave2 says

    Don't really care for any TF movie related merch but a movie Drift Human Alliance figure might just be needed in my collection.

  4. Timesynch's Avatar Timesynch says

    Interesting. The Bayverse TF movies could use some more Japanese brand automobiles to represent. Too many American car brands with a smattering of European (Mercedes Benz, Audi).

  5. Dansproject's Avatar Dansproject says

    Fascinating news. I think I should copyright the use of the word "Drifticon" before it's too late!

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