Mastershooter Collectibles Unofficial Targetmasters In Package Pics


Good news fans of Targetmaster Transformers! 3rd Party group, Mastershooter Collectibles, has updated their Facebook page with in package pictures of their unofficial Targetmaster figures. These items have delayed several times, but according to Mastershooter, it was to insure the quality of the figures. Seen here in this photo are Bolt-Action, Minute-Bot, Shot-Piece and Broomstick (AKA that’s Firebolt, Haywire, Recoil and Fracas for you newer fans!).

Check out the in-package images by clicking the title bar!

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  1. ORIO's Avatar ORIO says

    I do too. I ended up cancelling the exclusive BBTS figures because i don't have any figures to pair them with. I still have my currento order for these and the set that includes Targetmaster guns for Spinister on hold at Captured Prey. Hopefully, the repaints won't take as long as these have.

  2. TCJJ's Avatar TCJJ says

    They look.... okay. They're a bit on the short and stumpy side, and they don't look like vast improvements over the G1 Targetmasters. I mean, they look neat, but when you look at something like Universe Nightstick (with Cyclonus) or Fansproject's Steel (from Steelcore), they just seem to be better figures.

  3. Jigga's Avatar Jigga says

    Will buy these guys and keep them in gun mode. I feel the engineering is a bit behind the likes of the FPJ stuff.

  4. Yobuster has no avatar! Yobuster says

    ah finally. i've been wondering where these disappeared to. But i don't recall where i can roder?

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