New Official Images of Ultimate Beast Hunters Optimus


In what appears to be somewhat of a mishap, has updated their voyager listing of Beast Hunters Optimus Prime with new images of Ultimate Beast Hunters Optimus Prime. These images differ from what was provided to us from Hasbro shortly after Toyfair, as they seem to be a lot less photoshopped.

Take a look at the original images and then compare them with the new images here for what appears to be the biggest Optimus Prime figure for the Beast Hunters line!

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  1. opt1musaber's Avatar opt1musaber says

    That alt mode is rediculous looking. Just had to say it, even if I don't collect this line.

  2. BlackHawkOmega's Avatar BlackHawkOmega says

    It just look weird without the jetpack on the truck, seeing how it covered a lot of his robot mode parts.

  3. Gepard's Avatar Gepard says

    There really is no way to escape that that design just has Optimus limbs sticking out the back of it, is there?

    Oh well. Prediking still looks like it'll be amazing, and it's more in-scale with the voyager Optimus anyway.

  4. BlackHawkOmega's Avatar BlackHawkOmega says

    It looks like it has a very similar transformation, too. Fake grille-chest and all.

  5. daddytron's Avatar daddytron says

    I can't see where that looks any better (or any different) than Voyager BH OP. other than that circular weapon and being bigger. And the wings on the Voyager, when folded in, help hide the joined arms and legs in alt mode. I kind of think this looks worse.

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