Dr Wu Dr of Evil – The Earth Careerist


Yes, you read that right – that oddly named piece is the next release from Dr Wu. The Dr of Evil is also known as Dr Archevil, human ally of the Decepticons from the classic Generation 1 Transformers arc The Ultimate Doom. This minifigure is a bit bigger than the Dr Wu Partners figures, and is designed to represent the good evil Dr in all his megalomanical glory.

Please remember, this is a third party item neither endorsed nor licensed by Hasbro, Takara-Tomy or their licensees.

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  1. The Crow's Avatar The Crow says

    Yeah we need Chip Chase, Carly and purple car, Adult Spike, Daniel and Adult Carly!!!

  2. Trailbreaker77's Avatar Trailbreaker77 says

    I really wish he would make that FP add-on set for the insecticons

  3. RDprime's Avatar RDprime says

    I'm surprised the figure is too big for Starscreams cockpit and larger than the previous "partners" release.

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