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Building upon the intriguing Transformers Go revelations…we have new info for you thanks to Young Padawan! Previously we had heard that the 3 samurai characters were combiners. Then Young Padawan posted this:

The police car is in blue, fire truck is in red and the fighter jet is in yellow. From what i heard from the rep, the difference in price for G-01 is because of lights and sound effects, not due to any particular big disparity in size between the 3 bots. All 3 bots have their own combiner heads and can combine in 3 different combiner forms, looks pretty good.

followed by….

Wait til you guys see the the other 3 decepticon combiner bots.

Meanwhile, Gaokaiser pulled out an image from a TakaraTomy event last year, which while blurry, may actually show the character designs of the new Transformers Go characters, as Young Padawan pointed out that the yellow/black robot may be the jet samurai.

The plot thickens!

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  1. Chris McFeely's Avatar Chris McFeely says

    Do... wha?

    Could this be that series that we heard was Chinese-exclusive, but actually isn't?

    To say nothing of the fact that "Go!" is the title the Beast Hunters toys are being released under in Japan...

  2. Omnius's Avatar Omnius says

    G03 Genoh Samurai - Fire Truck doesn't fit in with any BH toys, so this must be something entirely new.

  3. Chris McFeely's Avatar Chris McFeely says

    Originally Posted by JamesBenjamin View Post
    Isn't "Go!" the name they're doing botshots under?
    No, that's "BeCool."

  4. Gaokaiser's Avatar Gaokaiser says

    Whatswhatswhats!? Samurai Transformers!? Combine!? New anime!?

    So, Takaratomy wants to make brand-new Brave series!?

  5. Fort Max's Avatar Fort Max says

    New anime? New characters? New, original design, multi configuration combiners?

    I've been hoping that Takara would try something Bravey again for ages and this sounds pretty Bravey to me! : D

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