Fansproject Munitioner and Explorer Re-release Final Colossus Images


Courtesy of Ages Three and Up’s Facebook page, we have our first look at final photos of Fansproject’s re-release of their Munition and Explorer kits. This often delayed and highly anticipate re-release not only gives fans a chance to purchase these fantastic toys if they missed out the first time, but also gives us more Generation 1 paint jobs. Additionally, the combiner accessory pieces share different colors as well. No photos of the individual figures just yet, but this gives us our look at the combined form, Colossus.

Take a look at the pics and join the discussion after the jump.

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  1. grunge's Avatar grunge says

    "Planet Iacon - Singapore Transformers Fans Unite" has stated on their facebook page that they recieved rumor that fansproject would be re-releasing munitoner and explorer in G1 colors to go with the asian market re-release of the universe/ROTF bruticus mold thats scheduled for release.

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  2. Doc Wheeljack has no avatar! Doc Wheeljack says

    Great news indeed. I'd actually get a second set to mix and match with if I didn't have to pay $200++ for it.

  3. Compewtrawn's Avatar Compewtrawn says

    that would be the only way anyone could move that turd of a figure known as Bruticus Maximus. A bigger gestalt head would be nice add-in there. His head is tiny

  4. wildfly's Avatar wildfly says

    Yes. Please.

    Originally Posted by Doc Wheeljack View Post
    Great news indeed. I'd actually get a second set to mix and match with if I didn't have to pay $200++ for it.

    Remember: "Rumor" :-)

  5. DrTraveler's Avatar DrTraveler says

    This will....test my resolve. I'm paying for a pretty huge car repair bill and had promised I'd be pressing the pause button on collecting. But I do have an Energon Barricade. If these things are released at retail price, I don't see how I'd be able to pass them up.

    Anyone have a clue where they'll be released? FPC, Robot Kingdom, Big Bad Toy Store?

    How much were these when first released anyways?

  6. Timesynch's Avatar Timesynch says

    If the rumors are indeed true, I'd get the FP add-ons and the new Bruti set to keep in alt/bot modes. I even have a spare PCC Heavytread I can mod (again) as Brawl if I want to. Mixing and matching the various limbs on (my exisiting) FP Colossus would be fun too. Make it happen, FP! And throw in a chest shield while you're at it too!

  7. nyerk's Avatar nyerk says

    YES. I managed to find a Universe Bruticus set in a store here for $70 a few months ago. Finally I'll be able to complete it!

  8. BlueAngel_Bolt's Avatar BlueAngel_Bolt says

    Hopefully these colors will look good with the ROTF set if this rumor is true.
    I'm not against getting the new one, but if I can save myself some money by just getting this reissue I'll be a tad happier.

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