Keith’s Fantasy Club Shoulder Cannons for Fall of Cybertron Ultra Magnus


Third Party Group Keith’s Fantasy Club has unveiled their next project – a set of shoulder cannons for the Fall of Cybertron Optimus Prime / Ultra Magnus mold. Two versions are planned, a version color matched for each Autobot. The sets can form larger guns, or split down to make shoulder launchers and expansion parts for the shoulders of each Autobot.

They are expected to arrive sometime this month according to our sponsors Big Bad Toy Store, priced at $19.99 each.

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  1. jedijoe's Avatar jedijoe says

    sweet. I'll pre-order

    as soon as someone can tell me what the hell the difference is between them...

  2. azdragon58's Avatar azdragon58 says

    In the second pic, it looks like Prime doesnt even know what they are...

  3. FatedLazarus's Avatar FatedLazarus says

    Yeah, I feel like they should maybe reverse the configuration in these pics.

    I am not sure, but it appears that the two guns can be broken up to form shoulder towers and missile pods for foc Magnus.

    This makes the third foc Magnus/Prime add on. I am very interested to see how they all pan out since I definitely plan on upgrading my Magnus at the very least.

  4. CodeXCDM's Avatar CodeXCDM says

    Seems neat... but eh... 20$ for four small bits of plastic..? No thanks.

    I do see what they did there though... make Magnus look more Magnus-like...

  5. Mystic Metal's Avatar Mystic Metal says

    These guns remind me of the Alternators / BinalTech Optimus engine "hairdryer" gun. Needs to be more substantial.

  6. beangrower's Avatar beangrower says

    I would consider this if the mgs upgrade isnt coming out. ...or if the tranzformazing (sp?) Upgrade finally stops teasing.

  7. REMINATOR's Avatar REMINATOR says

    Yippee, I can't wait to get this awesome rocket launcher and shoulder post from Keith's Fantasy Club:

    As per news:
    Keith's Fantasy Club have just announced they will be making a new accessory kit for the Generation Fall Of Cyertron Ultra Magnus and Optimus Prime that add shoulder missile launchers to both of the figure. The two styles reflect the classic style KP-01um for Ultra Magnus and the KP-01op for Optimus Prime. Check out the images below for the full preview on these new accessories.

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