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2005 Boards content staffer SydneyY has shared with us a little more information about the Encore Fortress Maximus. It’s all good news with this information translated from the recent edition of Figure-Oh:

  • Encore Fortress Maximus will come packed in a foam tray, like Generation 1 Fortress Maximus
  • The Master Sword can be taken apart after being assembled, unlike the original – there will be no stickers to cover the screws as the details will be painted.
  • Fortress Maximus’ eyes will be painted on this release, instead of the stickers used on the Generation 1 version.

We know that last bit of information will be pleasing to many of our readers!

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  1. Bte Noire's Avatar Bte Noire says

    BBTS has a pre-order up. I was expecting a $500 price tag so I was pleasantly surprised.

  2. microclone's Avatar microclone says

    very cool, i was thinking recently that a FM encore would be rather nice and there it is!

    nice that takara is releasing a toy that is probably on many must have lists. Wonder if its a fresh mould or from original?

  3. MetalicGrunt's Avatar MetalicGrunt says

    OMG! I so pre-ordered this. $350 is a great price! Sure beats paying over a grand for the holy grail when this will do

  4. ScottyP has no avatar! ScottyP says

    Ha, just got on here to post that. Preordered the hell out of this Can't wait.

  5. marvoflg's Avatar marvoflg says

    Another wake up the house moment for me. I cannot believe they are releasing him. I hope Grand Maximus is not far behind now....

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