Universal Orlando Transformers: The Ride Supply Vault Is Now Open


Good friend of TFW2005, Ricky Brigante of Inside The Magic dropped by to let us in on the news that Transformers: The Ride Supply Vault at Universal Orlando is now officially open.

At the Supply Vault, Transformers fans can purchase all sorts of neat stuff including a small replica of the Allspark from Movie 1.

Also, you might meet Optimus Prime and Bumblebee walk-around characters; who entertain the public.

“Yesterday the large metal doors opened to the ride’s store, dubbed the “Supply Vault,” revealing hundreds of Transformers items now for sale in the park, including quite a few Universal Studios exclusives. And with the opening of the store, Optimus Prime and Bumblebee also emerged, meeting Universal Orlando day guests – and Optimus was even talking.”

“A few of the more unique items are a voice changer, All Spark projector, and plenty of T-shirts, along with an assortment of Transformers toys, including Evac, a main character developed for the ride.”

You can visit Inside The Magic for more information and lots of images.

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  1. Omegatron has no avatar! Omegatron says

    While the ride itself is still a few months away from opening, the gift shop opened today, with some exclusive merch- mostly t-shirts from the pics. Plus, they had Optimus and Bumblebee out to do character greetings. See one guy's photos from ThemeParkReview.com.

  2. Breakdown96's Avatar Breakdown96 says

    Hoping I can get out on holiday during the Summer to Florida.

  3. Autovolt 127's Avatar Autovolt 127 says

    It's open now. Cool! I'll need to take a visit their to Florida some day.

  4. hardreturn's Avatar hardreturn says

    well shit, i'm there tomorrow. didn't even know this was there.

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