Transformers Prime Voyager Skyquake Released in the UK


Let it never be said that the UK always misses out on the Transformers toylines – while it is true we get shortchanged most of the time on anything past about wave 3, once in a while there is a turn up for the books, and today is one of those days, because Transformers Prime Voyager Skyquake has been sighted in UK Toys R Us stores up and down the land. Skyquake was the last of the toyline to have not been released in the UK in some shape or form – with this the entire Transformers Prime toyline has made it to these shores. Skyquake is in US packaging complete with “The Hub” adverts, indicating this is import stock rather than Hasbro UK domestic releases. It follows the very limited release of Skyquake through Toys R Us in the US.

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  1. Erector's Avatar Erector says

    Fellow UK board member Sinestro has just sent me a text message saying he just found Skyquake at his local TRU in Bristol. Pic attached.

    TF Prime Skyquake at UK Retail-img_57131.jpg

    This ties in with previous reports in the UK Toy Discussion thread from we_are_forest and others that Skyquake is out there in the wild.

    Happy hunting, UK brothers!!!

  2. minimaster's Avatar minimaster says

    yay! Was wondering how to get him. I was holding out hope with the Beast Hunters line released later over here. Surprised at we_are_forest, if it is notts TRU, last time i went it was full of previous wave voyagers.

  3. Erector's Avatar Erector says

    Originally Posted by miscreant View Post
    Looks like a U.S. box too.
    Yep - we_are_forest mentioned that it's a US box. Has the Hub sticker and everything.

  4. Chris McFeely's Avatar Chris McFeely says

    Obviously, all of America's Skyquakes must have been sent to the UK instead. /: )

  5. Loosecannon has no avatar! Loosecannon says

    Quick lets do the american thing, buy them all and send overseas for a massive scapling profit! Joy!

  6. Fort Max's Avatar Fort Max says

    Saw this before I went out this morning on my near weekly pilgrimage to the post office but there weren't any in my tru, sweet that he's out though, I'll grab one if I can.

  7. nellie131's Avatar nellie131 says

    Go on chaps have at them. It's a lovely deco of the toy and edges over DW.

    It's nice when us Brits have little bits of luck

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