Transformers Go! G-01 – G-04 revealed, includes a new Combiner?


We have been hearing a bit about how Beast Hunters will be released in Japan as Transformers Go! with releases starting from G11 Hunter Optimus Prime (see previous news story[/url], scan from that story at left). The question that this raised with many of us is “why G-11? Where is G01 through G10?”

Well, it seems online retailer Kapow Toys has posted a partial answer. Listings have been added for G-01 through G-04, and by all indications, these are new toys (G-04 we suspect may be an existing Predacon release since they are suspiciously absent from the Japanese listings so far with the exception of Predaking).

The listings are:

G01 Kenzan Samurai, a police car
G02 Jinbu Samurai, a jet
G03 Ganoh Samurai, a fire engine
G04 Gaidora

All four are set for a release in June. Details attached to G01 through G03 indicates that they can combine into three different larger robots – presumably this means that one of them forms the main robot and the remaining two the limbs. Gaidora we assume might be a Predacon, based on the fact that the name has a lot in common with a kaiju from Ultraman or Godzilla / Gojira.

As for what these toys are – well friends, right now there are no pictures, so your guess is as good as ours. The fact that they are combiners means they aren’t anything we have seen so far. Perhaps these might be somehow connected to the reported cartoon series being produced for China – or perhaps they are more new Japan-only toys.

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  1. Chris McFeely's Avatar Chris McFeely says

    Do... wha?

    Could this be that series that we heard was Chinese-exclusive, but actually isn't?

    To say nothing of the fact that "Go!" is the title the Beast Hunters toys are being released under in Japan...

  2. Omnius's Avatar Omnius says

    G03 Genoh Samurai - Fire Truck doesn't fit in with any BH toys, so this must be something entirely new.

  3. Chris McFeely's Avatar Chris McFeely says

    Originally Posted by JamesBenjamin View Post
    Isn't "Go!" the name they're doing botshots under?
    No, that's "BeCool."

  4. Gaokaiser's Avatar Gaokaiser says

    Whatswhatswhats!? Samurai Transformers!? Combine!? New anime!?

    So, Takaratomy wants to make brand-new Brave series!?

  5. Fort Max's Avatar Fort Max says

    New anime? New characters? New, original design, multi configuration combiners?

    I've been hoping that Takara would try something Bravey again for ages and this sounds pretty Bravey to me! : D

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