Transformers Masterpiece Soundwave Hasbro Release Official Images


Check out official images of the upcoming Hasbro edition of Transformers Masterpiece Soundwave. Soundwave and 5 tapes are due out later this year in the US. Soundwave sports a toy-accurate yellow visor on his US version, rather than the red one from the Japanese release.

Update: Adjusted images to reflect ones sent. Encoding of original files lead to undesired color changes when uploaded to this website earlier.

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  1. ExVeeBrawn's Avatar ExVeeBrawn says

    I LOVE the use of "digital" style camo on Acid Storm, plus the apparent shade of green that "feels" acidic, rather than the Universe toy being more foresty.

    I'm not going to buy Acid Storm, but I still love the choices made on the deco.

  2. General Tekno's Avatar General Tekno says

    Yeah; Acid Storm looks wonderfully corrosive.

    As for Rumble/Frenzy.... I do hope they still have their signature guns included. I don't see them pictured; they just have the piledrivers there.

  3. Crossfire-034's Avatar Crossfire-034 says

    Sigh, those two shades of green on Acid Storm really kill it for me... if it were one or the other, I would be fine. As it stands, that digital camouflage just looks out of place. Soundwave on the other hand, looks glorious. Here's to hoping that the silver will actually be silver, and not grey. I'll probably end up painting the visor red, however.

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