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Our fellow fans from Australia, the Ozformers, have shared pictures from the 2013 Australian Toy Fair. It is light on new reveals – the greatest part of the new stuff having been seen at the US Toy Fair last month – but there are some new items such as:

  • Back of box images for Generations Springer and Blitzwing
  • Confirmation that Generations Blitzwing has three faces, and is inspired by his Animated counterpart.
  • A second five-figure booster pack of Kreons is revealed, collecting Optimus Prime, Sentinel Prime, Megatron, Soundwave and a mystery fifth figure
  • Marvel Transformers Crossovers return – sort of – in the Iron Man 3 line which features transforming figures “with Transformers technology”

Check out their full coverage here. Note that there were a couple of things on display they were not allowed to share, and these are blurred out in the pictures.

As a bonus, here are the bios for Springer and Blitzwing, as transcribed by 2005 Boards member AutobotMirage:

Autobot Springer:

Autobot Springer was built to be a tough guy. Everything about him, from his nickel-plated blaster cannon to his bad-boy attitude, is calculated to communicate exactly what he wants it to-that he’s a no-holds-barred, take-no-prisoners kind of guy. He prefers to fight alone, trusting his skills and luck to get him out of tight spots, rather than relying on his fellow warriors. After all, other Autobots fail. Autobot Springer never does.


With his heavily armored and highly destructive body, Blitzwing has the ice-cold mind of a master strategist-sometimes. At other times, he is a boiling cauldron of rage, waiting for any excuse to unleash his firepower on the nearest target. And now and again he is a chaotic whirlwind of bizarre behavior and intermittent bursts of plasma fire. His unpredictability makes him a poor soldier, but his raw firepower and unstable mind make him a useful tool for a commander as capable as Megatron.

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  1. griffin-of-oz's Avatar griffin-of-oz says

    As the title suggests, there wasn't anything new (that I was allowed to show), so this is just for people who like looking at toy displays.

    Toyfair Australia pics and info

    Not a lot of photos, as the Australian Toyfair prohibits photos unless you are main media (but I get permission to take a few photos each year).

    Items on display...
    Wave 1 Beast Hunters figures & Wave 2 Deluxes.
    Both Beast Hunters Ultimates are general release here and were on display.
    Generations FOC toys and the two Voyager Triplechangers in packaging.
    No Metroplex toy, just a box mock-up and images (colour Metroplex and greyscale Scamper - I wasn't permitted to show that one though)
    BotShots Wave 1 figures, & Wave 2 singles.
    Construct-Bots Wave 1 (prototype toys that were at US Toyfair).
    Kreo Beast Hunters, Combiners and Wave 1 blind-packs.
    Both Kreo 5-pack Minifigures (with the mystery figure on the end)

  2. David Hingtgen's Avatar David Hingtgen says

    "Nothing New?" I think the note of "three faces" on Blitzwing's box is news. (unless I missed it) His bio is clearly Animated's.

  3. Agent Adam's Avatar Agent Adam says

    Three faces! Excellent. I am completely okay with Animated Blitzwing's characteristics being carried forward.

  4. Bountyan's Avatar Bountyan says

    >3 faces

    I'm guessing the third face we haven't seen yet is based on the crazy face since the G1ish one already has characteristics of the angry face.

    Also I haven't read about the kreon five packs before. Those will be hella helpful for getting extra parts without having to buy the entire kit.

  5. General Tekno's Avatar General Tekno says

    Three faces? Sweet.

    Thanks for coming through, Australian fandom!

  6. Hursticon's Avatar Hursticon says

    Originally Posted by Feralstorm View Post
    Interesting the Metroplex box (I think) is blurred out.
    Hasbro AU requested that Griffin (The Photographer) Blur out certain things they didn't want to be shown; Normally photography is a no-no at Australian Toyfairs but Hasbro decided to be generous this year (Previous years have had to of been somewhat more covert).
    (Australia's Toyfair isn't open to the general public)

  7. Starscream Gaga's Avatar Starscream Gaga says

    Yes! Three faces!

    And I wonder how much of this stuff shown at the Australian ToyFair we'll actually get in Australia. Nice to see Wave 3 of Generations Voyagers when we've been sitting on Wave 1 for about five months...

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