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Takara-Tomy have updated their website with the March Transformers toy releases. The end of March brings us two more Masterpieces – MP-16 Frenzy & Buzzsaw and MP-10B Black Convoy. There are also two more releases in the Generations line – TG-13 Soundwave with Laserbeak and TG-14 Soundblaster with Buzzsaw. Yes, like the US Soundwave and New Soundwave are being released together in the same assortment. Both of them sport additional paint applications and shinier finishes, especially evident in the photography of Buzzsaw.

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  1. Iro the Dude's Avatar Iro the Dude says

    I like it. The dead red eyes work pretty well with this guy.

  2. Yeled's Avatar Yeled says

    I don't care either way as I'm passing on the figure. But it would be interesting to hear why they went that route.

  3. Red Snarl's Avatar Red Snarl says

    Why couldn't they have painted MP-10b's thighs? Or at least use a darker plastic.

  4. jayman118 has no avatar! jayman118 says

    Any news if Mp10b will come with a collectors coin? So excited this month for mp10b!

  5. TitanCi's Avatar TitanCi says

    Originally Posted by The Dark Seeker View Post
    So glad I have MP-10B preordered.
    Me too. This looks better than the other nemesis prime don't you think??

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