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By way of Futaba Channel, we have a look at the Generations Fall of Cybertron Deluxe Whirl in-hand. Autobot Whirl is a part of Deluxe Wave 4, a.k.a. the Wreckers assortment. He’s a remold of the Fall of Cybertron Vortex toy with a new head and a new weapon – a pseudo-MechTech rifle, which appears to have a gatling barrel transform out from it.

We have mirrored the images with this story – read on to check out this selection of images of the former watchmaker turned Wrecker.

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  1. ZacWilliam's Avatar ZacWilliam says

    If all that orange were light blue I'd be fairly satisfied with him. Still gonna get him to support the fact that Hasbro is doing Comics inspired Wreckers.. I'll just have to do some painting is all.

    -ZacWilliam, we still havn't seen pics of Takara's version have we? Still holding out a little hope they go more G1 with em all...

  2. AngryChad's Avatar AngryChad says

    That looks a lot better than I expected it to, but yeah too much orange.

  3. Knightdramon's Avatar Knightdramon says

    Neat. I'm getting him. And a takara deco if they make him in G1 colours.

    I like that this mould pulls of a Universe 2008 Galvatron all over again; vehicle mode is one colour, robot mode is predominantly another colour. Whoo!!!

  4. Uncle Madness's Avatar Uncle Madness says

    Yeah the orange is a little disappointing for this figure. But not as bad as the color change was for the Combaticons.

    The repaint's tend to look better than the original molds and the Wreckers to me are proof are of that.

  5. Soundwinder's Avatar Soundwinder says

    Looks pretty decent, and since Vortex was the only damn Combaticon figure with decent shoulders it might be worth picking up.

    Not a fan of the orange... honestly makes me feel like this is Action Master Shockwave.

  6. Depthcharge's Avatar Depthcharge says

    I wish they'd have inverted the blue and orange on him to be more G1 accurate (and I hold out hope that Takara will do exactly that) but even as he is, I think he looks fantastic! That deco is very sharp and I'm VERY excited for this set to get released.

  7. Hot Shot.'s Avatar Hot Shot. says

    I'm going to pass and hope Hasbro surprises us with a SDCC G1 deco set.

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