Transformers Monstrosity #1 Released, introduces Bulkhead to the IDW Transformers Comics Universe


The first issue of IDW’s next Transformers digital-only series, Monstrosity, has been released today and with it a new character has been added to IDW’s Transformers comics universe. That character is none other than the Autobot heavyweight, Bulkhead.

Ordinarily we would not report on every last new character to debut in a Transformers comic, but Bullkhead bears special mention, as he was first introduced in Transformers Animated five years ago and since then has gone on to be a mainstay of the Transformers Prime cast as well. Bulkhead’s appearance here with silver jaw and head crest appears to be based on his Prime series appearance, but Bulkhead is Bulkhead, a rising star among a Transformers cast usually populated by mainstays of the franchise from its inception.

You can check out issue #1 of Monstrosity on Comixology here.

Check out TFW2005’s review of Monstrosity #1 here on our Monstrosity #1 Comics Resources page!

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  1. Sockie's Avatar Sockie says

    It makes me joyful to see Bulkhead there. And he's head of an engineering guild, too!

  2. Maverick Hunter Christian's Avatar Maverick Hunter Christian says

    Up and available for purchase on ComiXology, for 99 cents. Its a part of the weekend long Autocracy sale! Metzen and Dille are back on writing duties with Livio returning for art. So, set your expectations accordingly.

    For the uninitiated, this is a digital-first mini-series, like Autocracy before it. Should be 12 issues, 10 pages a pop. Will be available in a trade paperback some time after all the issues have been released digitally.

    Onward! **SPOILERS**

    Following the events of Autocracy, Megatron is defeated, the Decepticons are scattered, and Optimus, the Matrix Bearer, is working to unite the people of Cybertron.

    Acting on intel from Swindle, the Dynobots ambush a couple of hi-then-dies making a shipment from Kaon to Iacon, either energon or credits. The Dynobots are looking to use the score to help them get off-world, but the haul winds up being much less than Swindle had led them to believe. Frustrated, Grimlock and co. make off with the goods and head back to their safe-house... after making a quick stop to strangle/threaten Swindle.

    Inside Metroplex, Optimus is holding the inaugural meeting of the "Grand Convocation" -- a gathering of the various factions spread across Cybertron, held in an attempt to unite these groups and move their society forward under a united front. Dai Atlas, as Leader of the Circle of Light is largely opposed to the notion, at least under the leadership of a former "enforcer" for Zeta Prime. At the same time, he is none-to-happy that Optimus has also become the Matrix Bearer. In spite of Prime's pleas, Dai Atlas is ready to abandon talks when the leader of the Engineers Guild, Bulkhead steps in to vouch for Optimus, feeling that he's earned his new position as Prime. Dai Atlas acquiesces, for now.

    In Deep Space, aboard Astrotrain, Scorponok boasts that he has claimed leadership of the Decepticons, to his audience of Starscream, and the heavily damaged Megatron; whom the two are transporting to his, "final" destination.

    After the "Grand Convocation" meetings close for the day, Prime is surprised by a visit from Alpha Trion. Who congratulates Optimus for, in spite of being built primarily for combat, appears to be handling himself well in the political arena. Prime quietly confesses doubts over whether he is worthy of carrying the Matrix. Alpha Trion states that that is a question that can only be answered in time.

    As Starscream opens Astrotrain's air lock, Scorponok scoops Megatron up in his arms and after the requisite, "I... still... function..." is shot into space for dead. His body is quickly caught in the gravity of a nearby planet and plummets to the surface of, "The Death-World Junkion." His descent quickly catches the attention of the natives, sensing this to be the case, Megatron rises from his impact crater with the declaration, "Let's do this."


    Dynobots want off-world. Bad. Apparently, the longer they stay, the longer they jeapordize everyone on Cybertron.

    At this point in the time-line, Dai Atlas and the Circle of Light are still on Cybertron.

    Bulkhead is now, finally, retroactively G1. Shows up in basically his Prime design with black shoulder pads.

    Scorponok makes his first chronological appearance and the requisite power-play for leadership. MUCH LESS ...verbose than his recent up-at-bat in Regeneration One. Mercifully.


    Wreck-Gar. He talks like Wheelie.

  3. Maverick Hunter Christian's Avatar Maverick Hunter Christian says

    ...and looks to be part of the weekend long Autocracy sale.

  4. Master Fwiffo's Avatar Master Fwiffo says

    I grabbed it. Not a bad read, but I'm wondering how tightly it'll fit into the current IDW comic history.

  5. General Tekno's Avatar General Tekno says

    Whatever the case, the scary thing is that this is a Mike Costa Ongoing issue condensed into this few pages.

  6. AdyCarter's Avatar AdyCarter says

    Interesting mash of Animated Movie and Dreamwave plotline vibes from this

  7. Yggdrasil has no avatar! Yggdrasil says

    No need that's pretty much the First Edition Prime Bulkhead right there.

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