Big Bad Toy Store Sponsor Update – New Preorders and Items in Stock


Our sponsors and friends over at Big Bad Toy Store have sent us an update, regarding new preorders and in-stock items.

Transformers Alternity Super GT-03 Megatron
Transformers Masterpiece MP-17, MP-18, MP-19 with Coins
Highlord’s Justice Sword- Available in Red, Blue and Silver

New Arrivals:
Transformers Masterpiece MP-15: Rumble and Ravage (Jaguar)
New Takara Import Transformers, including Jet Vehicon General and Darkest Megatron from Arms Micron as well as Air Raid, Starscream, Kickback, Ultra Magnus and Sideswipe from Takara’s Generations line.

UPDATE: New Generations up for Pre-order
Generations 2013 Voyager Series 03 – Set of Blitzwing & Springer
Prime Beast Hunters Deluxe Series 03 – Set of 3
Generations Legends 2013 Series 03 – Set of 2