The Allspark To Return In Transformers 4?


“Before time began… there was The Cube”. That is the first thing you heard when you sat down at the theater to enjoy your first Transformers Live Action Movie. “The Cube” was The Allspark; giver of life to Cybertronians.

But the question of the hour is, will we see it on Transformers 4?

Thanks to 2005 Boards member Anodythe, we have information that The Cube may return in some form (as a memory or repaired). This piece of rumor (yep, it’s not fully confirmed yet) is coming from NPR who made a visit to one of Paramount’s Set Warehouses.

“Randall Thropp, a Paramount archivist, recoils in mock fear from the power of the AllSpark as set decorator Rosemary Brandenburg takes it from the glass case. The AllSpark was used as a prop in Transformers; it may have another life in an upcoming sequel.” A little movie factoid: The AllSpark Cube was technically a prop in the first Transformers, because an actor actually touched and even ran with it. Brandenburg thinks the cube might make a reappearance in Transformers 4 as set decoration. It’s too early to tell. But archivist Randall Thropp says that unfortunately, she can’t take the AllSpark and use it in the film.

“That is the only cube we have, right here,” Thropp says. It resides in a glass showcase.

Brandenburg can borrow the cube and make copies, though. “A movie set is a pretty dangerous place for things,” she says. “We have to repair things constantly. Our special-effects brothers and sisters are running around blowing things up, and our stunt brothers and sisters, too.”

Brandenburg often has to make multiple copies of items because of all those blowups.

We will have to wait and see if this Transformers 4 rumor is true.

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  1. Anodythe's Avatar Anodythe says

    On NPR this morning, Susan Stamburg was reporting from the Warner Brothers set warehouse. Today's segment was about set dressing. While being shown sepcially made props/set pieces, she made mention that the set dresser she was interviewing may have to borrow the one-of-a-king Cube prop from the first Transformers movie, as it may make an appearence in the fourth. It sounded like the set dresser was going to made a copy of the original cube as the original may not be used.

    I wish I had better info, names, places...but I just caught the story on my way out the door to, I'll be late

    Oops...Nevermore is should have been Paramount. If you can't get the sound link, read the Full Story.

  2. Barricade24's Avatar Barricade24 says

    Do you have a link or something to back this up with? I'm not calling you a liar or anything I would just like to see this myself.

  3. Nevermore's Avatar Nevermore says

    What does Warner Bros have to do with Transformers, a Paramount production?

  4. QLRformer's Avatar QLRformer says

    "The AllSpark was used as a prop in Transformers; it may have another life in an upcoming sequel."
    That sounds like it could have been for 2009, when it did get used... but I'm being cautiously theorizing that the AllSpark will return as a MacGuffin like in the first film, either by time warping or by being reconstructed (like in a comic).

  5. Meta777's Avatar Meta777 says

    This could be interesting, actually; I believe it was a plot point in the Reign of Starscream comics that he tried to create a new Cube, powering it with the sparks of sacrificed Autobots.

    Perhaps this concept may be seen in the fourth film?

  6. Ephland's Avatar Ephland says

    If they pull a "there was a second cube all along!" Deus Ex Machina, then I will rage.

  7. Chaos Prime's Avatar Chaos Prime says

    It wouldn't really surprise me.
    The Fallen himself said that the power of the cube cannot be destroyed merely...(wait for it)....transformed.

    Plus it would be a convenient way to bring Megatron back from the dead....again....

  8. VaderPrime1's Avatar VaderPrime1 says

    This is pretty interesting.

    EDIT: Her budget to make copies of the original cube is "a million dollars or so"?! HOLY $#!&

  9. ErbFan28's Avatar ErbFan28 says

    Originally Posted by Ephland View Post
    If they pull a "there was a second cube all along!" Deus Ex Machina, then I will rage.

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