Beast Hunters Ultimate Predaking and Optimus Prime Official Images


Check out these official images of the Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Ultimate Dragon Hunter Optimus Prime and Predaking. Optimus Prime features a “dragon disk” with five missile launchers, while Predaking is described as having light-up features. Predaking according to information supplied to us by Hasbro with these images will be a Target Exclusive.

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  1. Boy Blunder's Avatar Boy Blunder says

    Grimwing looks much, much better here. Thank goodness.

    And here, I was worried I wasn't going to spend money on him.

  2. darkpsi's Avatar darkpsi says

    Voyager Shockwave is a must buy with leader class Predaking. I wasn't sure if I was ever gonna buy a Beast Hunter but those two look gorgeous.

  3. kaijuguy19's Avatar kaijuguy19 says

    So Arcee,Knockout and Megatron are the only known characters from the last two seasons that don't have any upgrades yet? Or will they ever get upgrades?

  4. FigNewton's Avatar FigNewton says

    Man, that Shockwave makes me really wish we got one without all the BH embellishments.

  5. Stellerwolf's Avatar Stellerwolf says

    I was just bout to say that bout Ratchet and I will get one to make Dinobot.

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