Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Shockwave First Image


vic2993 via Planet Iacon on Facebook has shared something awesome with us. He has shared our first look at the toy for Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Shockwave! The image is small, but comes from a Hasbro catalog. It indicates Shockwave will come with two gimmicks – a spinning Hyperflux Cannon, which is his gun arm. It appears to close up for a more show accuate look. The second gimmick is advertised as snap-on Beast Armor – in other words like Beast Hunters Smokescreen, Shockwave will have the option of shedding his Beast Hunters spikes to look more like his on-screen appearances so far.

A vehicle mode is also seen, Shockwave appears to transform into a tank or artillary unit of some description.

Hopefully this is one toy we can see more of at the US Toy Fair 2013 this weekend along with all the other upcoming good stuff.

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  1. Ra88's Avatar Ra88 says

    Too small to really say anything. Here's hoping that it's removeable armor and that we'll see it properly in a few days at Toyfair.

  2. Creaky's Avatar Creaky says

    The armour is referred to as 'snap on', so perhaps all that red ...stuff... Is removable, just like with Smokescreen.

  3. Dinodigger97's Avatar Dinodigger97 says

    Originally Posted by grimlock1972 View Post
    anyone got a clue what he might turn into?
    I think it's a giant hover tank.....but with orange claws.


  4. ssjkazer's Avatar ssjkazer says

    Ummm orange, what the oh who cares i maybe waiting to see what takara does

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