Voyager Fall Of Cybertron Springer & Astrotrain


Surprising news has come from site sponsor Robotkingdom, pre-order listings for 2 new Transformers Generations Voyager figures:

  • Fall Of Cybertron Springer
  • Fall Of Cybertron Astrotrain
Who would’ve thought we would see a new Springer this soon, let alone space choo-choo, and voyagers at that?!

In related news, Deluxe Wave 4 is also available for preorder.

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  1. firehawc_69's Avatar firehawc_69 says

    Wtf? Have we heard about these before this? I just saw this on Facebook.

  2. archieboy's Avatar archieboy says

    The question is, is he the Springer we want, or the Springer we deserve?

    Odd choice for a voyager. A voyager sized Springer seems out of place in a classics collection. Would have been better if they made Sandstorm instead.

    Still, Voyager triple changers. Looks promising, to say the least.

  3. barrelks's Avatar barrelks says

    Color me interested, and I am not even a big FOC fan. These FOC Voyager announcements have been solid thus far.

  4. Lbsammills51's Avatar Lbsammills51 says

    The hell? That's certainly unexpected (especially being Voyagers). Neat.

  5. Cal's Avatar Cal says

    A Springer triple-changer at last!!

    Okay, it's from the FoC line instead of the Classics style I was hoping for, but it's easier for me to accept because Springer always had a futuristic look anyway. If the design of the figure looks as good as the concept art, I'm all over it. It's certainly cheaper than Defender at any rate. And Astrotrain too? It's going to have to be damn impressive to displace my Henkei Astrotrain.

  6. hupla's Avatar hupla says

    I could see a sandstorm redeco from that springer design, the buggy mode is spot on

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