Toys R Us Exclusive Masterpiece Soundwave & Acid Storm


Griffin & Macksimus Prime of fellow fansite Ozformers have brought the news that not only is Masterpiece Soundwave coming to Toys R Us in Australia, but so is Masterpiece Acid Storm! These are Toys R Us exclusives, not Australian exclusives. While they are expected to be released in Australia in mid 2013, a date has not been given yet for the US, so stay tuned!

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  1. Hursticon's Avatar Hursticon says

    Hey guys,

    My mates over at OZformers (Credit to Griffin_of_OZ & Ultra Mackness) have been in consultation with Hasbro AU, of whom have confirmed that in Mid-2013 (June/July) Toys 'R' Us Australia stores will be offering 2 exclusives (Not AU exclusives but retailer), with MP Soundwave & MP Acidstorm!

  2. orangeitis's Avatar orangeitis says

    Originally Posted by Hursticon View Post
    MP Acidstorm

    Unexpected, but very welcome. Oh yes.

  3. Robogeek28's Avatar Robogeek28 says

    I could use a MP Acidstorm on my shelf, especially since I sold my IGear one last year.

  4. Hursticon's Avatar Hursticon says

    Originally Posted by Thundershot View Post
    Hopefully they're in the US too....
    Guaranteed - Australia is nowhere near luckily enough to have something of such calibre be solely exclusive to us; you blokes in the US & beyond will get it, as I'll bet we'll see them at one of your US Toy Fairs.

  5. guard convoy's Avatar guard convoy says

    1. First clue for an Hasbro MP Soundwave ?

    2. Nothing is confirmed, hasbro australia has been known to sell takaratomy masterpieces at retail (ultra magnus, ghost starscream, etc.) a soundwave could be coming out there, but doesn't mean its a hasbro main release

    until more concrete evidence comes out, I treat this with the biggest grain of salt in the world

  6. orangeitis's Avatar orangeitis says

    Originally Posted by opt1musaber View Post
    Acidstorm wtf. Is that the Green seeker?
    It sure is.

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