Maketoys MCB-001 Armageddon Upgrade Kit


Third party group Maketoys has updated their website with a teaser for what appears to be an accessory set for the recently released Year of the Snake Omega Supreme. Dubbed the Armageddon Upgrade Kit, the set includes several attachments, including Omega’s iconic “wings”. The set then unfolds into a familiar base and launch platform.

This is the first in Maketoy’s Mega City bot series, but we have no information whether this line will strictly include accessories, or complete city-sized characters.

Additionally, Maketoy’s Mobine Paladin/Chaos and the Mobine Missile Launcher armors have been delayed to March due to design revisions and improvements.

Staff Note: This is a 3rd party item not produced or endorsed by Hasbro or Takara Tomy.

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  1. citoria's Avatar citoria says

    the silhouette of the battle station is clearly the old Omega Supreme toy.

    While the track looks WAY to wide, this could be the set to bring Omega up to snuff!!

  2. primetime77 has no avatar! primetime77 says

    meh...i'd rather someone just make a complate G1 omega. WFC omega was cool but i have no attachment to the guy...if someone made a g1 inspired version....i'd bite probably.

  3. megatroptimus's Avatar megatroptimus says

    To pretend the ship is a rocket is kinda silly (or is that a tower?), but I like the overall setup in "base" mode.

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