Fansproject X2 Quadruple U and X3 Smart Robin Preorders Up


Word reaches us from site sponsor that the next entries in Fansproject’s Function X line are available for preorder. Function X2 Quadruple U, is a homage to G1 Weirdwolf and is due in April. Function X3 Smart Robin, a homage go G1 Brainstorm is due in May. Both will run you $68.99.

Lock in your preorders below and watch this space for preorders from TFW’s other sponsors!

Function X2 – Quadruple U – BBTS, TFsource
Function X3 – Smart Robin – BBTS, TFsource

Additionally, our sponsors have secured limited stocks of X1 – Code – BBTS, TFsource

Staff Note: These are 3rd party items not produced or endorsed by Hasbro or Takara Tomy.

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  1. megatroptimus's Avatar megatroptimus says

    Originally Posted by Astronut View Post
    Smart Robin?
    Then Mindwipe will be called Stupid Batman.

  2. Bountyan's Avatar Bountyan says

    Fansproject/Retailers y u no put up Stunticon pre-orders yet

    I don't really care about these; I was disappointed by Chromedome so I'm just going to save money and pass on everything else in this line.

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