SXS Toys Masterpiece Optimus Prime Rocket Pack & Other Accessories Set


By way of ACtoys, we have a look at prototypes of the next release from third party group SXS Toys. They appear to be working on an accessory set for the MP-10 Masterpiece Optimus Prime Version 2, which so far is shown to include a rocket pack (from More than Meets the Eye Part 3 and Dinobot Island) as well as the oil pump accessory for Roller. The word is these are upscaled designs from the THS-02 Hybrid Style Convoy.

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  1. justin35's Avatar justin35 says

    a new-born third party's masterpiece-10 fittings: fighting bag & oil gun SXS from china

    It's a perfect gift for mp-10 to complete it wonderful !!

  2. Squall42080's Avatar Squall42080 says

    Looks to be an upscaled version of the THS-02 Hybrid Style Convoy parts...

  3. OptimusTimelord's Avatar OptimusTimelord says

    Originally Posted by orangeitis View Post
    Looks a li'l too heavy for Sideswipe.
    Sure does. Since this is, after all, Sideswipe's rocket pack, it needs to fit on Sideswipe. Awaiting pictures of him attempting to wear it...

  4. deaculpa's Avatar deaculpa says

    Hmm. This Is like that dr wu metroplex eye... Sometimes you guys just completely miss.
    What I would like, however, would be a semi-detailed battle-damaged unicron head, big enough to take up a whole detolf shelf. I'd buy that for 99.99.

  5. Scaleface has no avatar! Scaleface says

    Sorta silly if it does not fit Masterpiece Sideswipe too. It is his pack after all.

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